By partnering with West Coast Engineering to liquidate excess inventory, you can put your unused assets to work without risk. All excess inventory received is stored and insured in our 55,000 square foot, ISO approved, quality control warehouse located at our corporate headquarters in Southern California.

With over 40 years as the most reliable and experienced independent distributor of electronic components, West Coast Engineering is the right choice for liquidating your excess inventory. We have the experience, financial stability and resources you require to ensure the most optimal return on your investment.


Supply chain management involves more than securing your assets. Together we will discuss and determine the best way to liquidate your excess inventory ensuring you receive maximum value. Our experienced team will help you understand the current distribution market and personalize an arrangement that makes sense.

We offer customized terms for:
» Liquidation
» Line Item Purchasing
» Consignment


Additionally, West Coast Engineering eliminates financial risk by offering our partners payment protection with our guarantees. We assume responsibility for the financial transaction concerning the sale of your assets.

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Line Item Bids

A Line Item Bid is, where you present us with a part that you want to sell and we make you an offer to purchase the part.

It’s called a Line Item Bid, because it comes off a bill of materials or a list of components and a bid is made for one line or a part.

Lot Bids

A Lot Bid is, where a list or a “lot” of components is bid on in its entirety.

In this case, all items on the specified list will be bought as a whole.

Full/Partial Consignment

Full consignment means all the surplus/excess inventory is shipped to the re-seller with an agreement in place to share the proceeds from the sale of goods. Generally these agreements range from 50/50 to 90/10 split.

In some cases, the seller will allocate parts without physically shipping the inventory to the consignee.

Blended Option

We offer flexible service options based on what is important to the customer. We will work to make any plan a success.

Blended Option is one that is designed by the customer and our excess manager.

Below are some things that might be important to you:

  • Logistics
  • Proper storage facility
  • Tiered payment plans
  • Revenue sharing
  • Contract length
  • Payment up-front
  • 24 hour ship-back
  • International marketing
  • Quick sell-through

When it comes to your excess/investment, we understand that a one-fit-all approach will not always work. So we are willing to listen and come up with a tailored solution that will work best for you.