At West Coast Engineering, quality is the core of our business as the most reliable and experienced independent distributor of electronic components. Our elite supply chain is one of the many ways West Coast Engineering eliminates risk for you as our partner.


Quality control begins with our longstanding relationships with approved suppliers. Our base is comprised of certified and trusted suppliers we have successfully been transacting with for years.

Electronic components are subjected to initial analysis at the vendor’s facility prior to shipping. Upon arrival at our onsite facilities, the Counterfeit Mitigation process begins where components undergo a full inspection by our expert team.

External visual inspections are performed following industry standards. This includes referencing the manufacturer’s datasheet specifications, verifying quantity, identifying date and lot codes, creating a digital photographic record, examining packaging for signs of tampering, remarking, blacktopping and refurbishing, and examining leads for signs prior use and damage.

For our partners who require complete electrical verification, components are subjected to additional testing at our independent ISO and ESD Certified Test Laboratory specializing in complete authentication of electronic components. Validation is achieved through Decapsulation and Die Verification, a process that allows us to microscopically reveal the internal manufacturer markings and complete circuitry.

Any product suspected or determined to be counterfeit or otherwise does not meet our quality standards is immediately entered into quarantine and prevented from reentering the supply chain. All appropriate governing bodies are notified immediately including ERAI and the original manufacturer.