West Coast Engineering is the most reliable and experienced independent distributor of electronic components. We consider every customer a partner in business and make your satisfaction our top priority.

Earning your business begins by answering your inquiries and all related questions. We take pride in responding to inquiries immediately so you can approach your deadlines with confidence.

As your partner, our job begins years before your inquiry is placed by developing the relationships needed to deliver you quality components. Our products are sourced from longstanding suppliers and are guaranteed after completing the Counterfeit Mitigation process at our onsite facility.

With offices worldwide, we are ready to meet your electronic component needs in any location with personalized service. Your business deserves a partner you can rely on globally.


West Coast Engineering is a division of multi-national consulting firm, Zaharoni Industries. Founded in 1975, Zaharoni Industries maintains holdings in real estate, retail and electronic distribution with offices across the Americas and Asia.

After operating a successful transistor distribution business, Zaharoni Industries established West Coast Engineering in 1984 to diversify into integrated circuits, semiconductors and electromechanical components. As an independent distributor, West Coast Engineering quickly grew to become an award-winning industry leader and as continues to achieve excellence in customer service.