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West Coast Engineering is the Most Reliable and Experienced Independent Distributor of Electronic Components.


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When you submit an inquiry to West Coast Engineering, our team immediately reviews and responds to your electronic component needs. We understand you often require components to be sourced and shipped quickly. We take pride in helping you meet your deadlines with the right, high-quality components whether they are active or obsolete.


Quality Guaranteed

By choosing West Coast Engineering as your preferred independent distributor, you are guaranteeing the electronic components you receive will meet or exceed your quality standards. Before shipping to you, all components must complete a thorough inspection by our trained and certified technicians in our onsite Counterfeit Mitigation Department.


World Class Service

With offices worldwide, West Coast Engineering has been serving our customers globally for more than 40 years. Your business deserves a personalized interaction with an experienced industry leader you can rely on. We are ready to earn your trust by going above and beyond to deliver you the highest quality electronic components on schedule.